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Fly into Shopify development with ease.
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One line to install, one line to setup npm install -g ziplines ziplines new [store-name] [api_key] [api_password]

$ ziplines new [store-name] [api_key] [api_password]

Thanks for using Ziplines!
We'll now set you up with a new project.
It should only take a minute or two!

Downloading the requested Shopify template...

New project folder created.
Store name and credentials validated and written to config.
New theme created on Shopify.
Bower components installed.
Foundation components installed.
Git repo initialised.

@import 'foundation_settings';

@import 'normalize';
.product {

@include grid-column(6);

@media #{$medium-up} {
@include grid-column(4);

@media #{$large-up} {
@include grid-column(3);
Yes, Sass @import support, with Shopify!
Finally you can use fully featured Sass files! Furthermore, you can optionally include Foundation when creating a new project.

Great for teams

The tools also come bundled with Git setup.
See our suggested workflow below for using this with your team and clients.

Convert existing projects

[coming soon!] We’re working away to make it easy for you to switch any existing Themes to this workflow.
For now, you can start right away building a new Theme.

Our workflow

Having Git and bunch of other tools is great. But if the workflow isn’t there, there can still be headaches between team members, and with clients. So here’s ours - it’s tried and tested, and if our testimonials are anything to go by, it seems to work! We’re always happy to hear your thoughts and suggestions, so drop us a line and we’ll be happy to chat.
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